Part workshop, part social event and lots of G-rated fun, a Cuddle Party provides a safe, non-sexual space to explore consensual touch, affection, sensuality and respectful communication.

Upcoming Cuddle Parties:

Friday, Dec. 9th
Tuesday, Dec. 20th.

I’m Doug Lippincott, a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator, and I host Cuddle Parties at my home in Anaheim (on Ball, near Magnolia).

Please click on the links to the left to learn more about Cuddle Parties and to sign up to attend an upcoming party. If you have questions, please write to me at or you may leave your number at 714-995-3941, and I’ll call you back.

CSI:NEW YORK -- No, that wasn’t anything like a Cuddle Party.

A CSI:New York episode that aired on Oct. 5th ("Grand Murder at Central Station”) included a scene that was described as a “Cuddle Party.”

Alas, the similarities to an actual Cuddle Party pretty much stopped at the name.  It was interesting TV, and nothing more.

This FAQ talks about a few of the misrepresentations in the segment.

From a Snuggle Party in New York.  (c) Atlas Spooned [Erinpress.jpg]

From a New York party

Okay, you already know how to cuddle, but do you do it as often as you'd like?

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Thoughts on common Cuddle Party Myths, from the Founders:

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The Party on November 29th is sold out.

Two parties have been scheduled for December,
Friday, the 9th and Tuesday, the 20th.


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